SAILLY N1 BIKINI TOP - black with white binding (outer)/ white (inner) / S is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Fabric Diversity

Dual-color fabric with 2 colors to enhance the subtle inner beauty of our water wear pieces. Designed with quiet luxury, we hope that this little touch will add fun to your sailly days.



    Bikini Tops for Mix & Match.

    Being the core of the design, the underbust band of this bikini top creates a distinctive line that celebrates the natural curvature of the body. Adorned with our logo monogram, the subtle support of the band guarantees a secure and comfortable fit.

    Unconventionally yet thoughtfully, standalone bikini top is offered instead of the ordinary full set, giving you the freedom to pair your favourite top with other bottom essentials creating a swimwear style that's uniquely yours.

    Opt for External Pads. Opt for Experience Enhanced.

    35° proudly initiates a subtle yet crucial shift of approach replacing built-in pad pockets with external silicone pads. Well, a bit unorthodox it may sound, but trust us, it’s an intentional choice with real good reasons behind:

    • Getting Streamlined: Just say goodbye to those bulky and redundant pad pockets. With the seamless, second-skin feel enabled by sticky silicone pads, beauty is now in its sleekest form.
    • Going Natural: With discreet silicone pads modestly covering the bosom, your natural silhouette is no longer compromised.
    • Being Authentic: Silicone pads enhance, not alter, your natural contours. Just embrace the true shape of you.
    inches S M L
    1. Full Length 10 1/4 10 3/4 11
    2. Chest 11 1/4 11 1/2 11 3/4
    cm S M L
    1. Full Length 26 27 28
    2. Chest 29 29 30