30MENU was established in 2015 by Sam Pang and Sumkiu Pang. We aspire to host our dear fellows with sincere and inspirations, a place for you to unwind.

With a focus on craftsmanship and beauty in life , we offer high quality pieces that is made to last beyond the season. Made in HONG KONG with finest fabric from JAPAN/ EUROPE, 30menu is a place where you can find timeless essentials to add into your own uniqueness.

The origin of the name of 30menu
30 days in a month, a menu to provide you with entrancing appeal every single day. Behind the name 30menu is a romance story between the owner Sam and his wife Wen. Beneath the word MENU, "Being with you 365 days a year, 30 days a month, that makes up 30 me and u,” Sam said.

"please take good care of me."

服為人蔽體 同時為人妝點添色
衣服被穿著在身體上 才賦予它美麗
美 是簡單的生活藝術

30menu 之店名由來
30menu 解作每月30天,每天都能在這個menu中挑選新鮮玩意。30menu之名亦充滿店主Sam對太太Sumkiu的浪漫呢,試將menu分拆開看看?Sam說:「一年365日,一月30天都與你在一起,就是30 me and u」