The fisher hat is inspired by the fisherman, those out on boats off the coast of Norfolk in search of herring, or the dad who sneaks out to fish on a weekend and has never caught a thing. Available in linen or suede, with a foldable brim, to protect from rain or shine, the fisher hat is a great accessoriy for any fishing adventures.

Reversible Deadstock Linen or Leather

D35cm, C53.5cm, Brim 9cm

Handmade in England

Our vegetable-tanned leather is sourced and supplied worldwide from traditional leather tanneries in Italy, the United Kingdom, the United States of America and Japan; we only work with reputable and highly regarded suppliers, using the highest quality leather hides.

We source deadstock linen fabric and organic cotton for all our garments. and all materials are sustainable, natural and if dyed, are dyed lovingly by hand.