RE-BIRTH by 30menu 

We believe that our choices, our wardrobes and our lives can do more with less. We are responsible to provide sustainability to the environment. In light of this, the launch of RE-BIRTH is a thrifting program to provide a new home and a new life to unused pieces, and being kind to the planet to produce less waste.

RE-BIRTH program has helped numerous pieces find new homes. The program is highly supported by our customers and see the value of being sustainable. We aim to bring the RE-BIRTH spirit as a long-term goal in our development.


How does it work?

SELL: All you have to do is to bring your preowned 30menu pieces (3 items at a time) to our showroom, write down your personal information & a little note about your preloved pieces, and offer your best price. Once the item finds a new home, you will then receive a message and a 30menu shopping voucher from us. 

  • All 30menu clothing pieces are eligible for RE-BIRTH
  • Please be sure your clothing item are cleaned and in best condition
  • Please be reminded to check if any personal belongings are left in the clothing 
  • 40% service change will be incurred upon selling 

BUY: RE-BIRTH items will be displayed in 30menu showroom 


For details please visit 30menu Instagram and website, or contact us via Whatsapp.




我們希望與您一起,以服裝的力量,幫助世界朝著更好的方向發展。在30menu,我們希望通過Re-Birth by 30menu計劃來回收您閑置的30menu衣服收藏,並為它尋找一位新主人,發揮它本該有的價值,亦是對閑置的它最好的處理方式。


Re-Birth by 30menu

我們將在30menu showroom收集各位閑置的30menu衣服,並親自為衣服進行檢驗及對衣服質素評分,最後發佈於30menu showroom內展示給各位選購。每位參與Re-Birth收集行動的朋友,衣服賣出及收取*手續費後將會換得30menu購物券



SELL:由即日起,你只需把閑置的30menu衣服(暫時每人上限為3件)帶回到30menu showroom,並自行定價、填寫個人及服裝資料,即完成Re-Birth收集行動。待衣服成功出售,你將收到訊息通知同時獲得30menu購物券。

  • 所有30menu衣物都可以參與收集行動。
  • 送回衣物前確保衣物已清洗乾淨並處於最佳狀態。
  • 請確保衣物中沒有個人物品。
  • 衣物賣出後將收取40%手續費



 詳情請留意30menu website及instagram,或經WhatsApp聯絡我們。