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Kazumi Takigawa Born in 1986.  Majored in Sculpture at Tama Art University. Waxed-cotton bag was born in process of studying sculptural materials. Started selling them in Tokyo, japan from 2011.

The simple craft paper bag reproduced with long-term use materials.

Tons of paper are made and used everyday.  They are often used in short-term purposes because the material is suited for it.  Paper bags are also used temporarily and easy to dispose despite of their great design to carry things*.  This bag is made to use the great design for a long time in daily life and to feel fondness.


WARMGREY TAIL is an illustration brand with paper goods and gifts created by husband and wife team, illustrator/designer KIM Hangeol & LEE Hyuna. Based in Seoul, Korea, the studio started in November 2015.

With our Nature-inspired design, they strive to tell stories about all forms of life - trees, mountains, rivers, seas and wild animals.

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